Hollyoaks stars kick off the 120 mile race for Freshfields

Freshfields Animal Rescue will launch their Rescue to Rescue Cycle Challenge on January 27th with soap-star style.

The yearlong campaign, that aims to raise much needed funds for the Merseyside rescue centre, sees teams join together to complete the 120 mile distance, between the Liverpool Rescue centre and their other branch in Caernarfon, Wales.

One of the four teams kicking off the event will be the Hollyoaks Team.

Daisy Wood-Davis, star of Hollyoaks and a Freshfields Ambassador, said: “I have very little experience in long haul cycle rides but I jumped at the chance to help Freshfields raise money for their wonderful rescue centre.

“This is a real rescue centre, who truly care and fall in love with all of their animals no matter how they got there or what they are.”

Some of the Hollyoaks cast are about to cycle 150 miles for the animal rescue charity Picture © Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre

Joining Daisy in Liverpool ONE shopping centre to complete this challenge are some of her Hollyoaks co-stars; Jessica Ellis, Duayne Boachie, Luke Jerdy and Parry Glasspool.

Fundraising Manager, John Rullo said “The Cycle Challenge is symbolic of the link that connects our centres. The distance of 120 miles may be great, but with teamwork nothing is insurmountable.”

Fans of the Channel 4 soap can show their support by visiting on the day and leave a donation for the animals at the Ince Blundell-based shelter waiting for the right home.

If the event inspires you to help raise funds then Freshfields are eager to help anyone set up their own teams and host these kinds of events at their local workplace, supermarkets and other busy locations throughout the year.

For more information please contact John Rullo on john@freshfields.org.uk or 07577 464820.

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