BSL Choir bring Christmas cheer to Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Hundreds of winter holiday-goers stopped in their tracks as a choir with a difference spread some festive cheer at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

The choir performed some Christmas classics using British Sign Language (BSL).

Choir leader Helen Andrews, said: “It’s fabulous to see everyone engaging in BSL and even trying to copy along with us when they hear the songs.

It’s all about raising awareness for what we are aiming to do for the BSL community.”

YouTube: Andrew Nuttall

BSL For You (formerly Woolston Signing Choir) was formed in 2009 by Helen as an intergenerational community choir.

There are 125,000 deaf adults in the UK who use BSL to communicate, which is what makes the inclusive nature of the choir so appealing.

Co-leader David Lawton said: “It’s been great fun coming to the airport tonight and raising some much-needed awareness for what we do.”

With well over 100 public performances under their belt, the choir were raising money tonight to help fund their project, Deaf Nepal Expedition 2018, where both Helen and David will be working with Deaf children in Nepalese Deaf schools and repairing those with significant damage.

BSL Choir at Liverpool John Lennon Airport
BSL Choir ladies at Liverpool John Lennon Airport © Andrew Nuttall

Ranging from very young to the young at heart, choir members regularly meet up and learn how to communicate with their deaf friends and family through the use of BSL in general and then by performing well-known songs that those of us who can hear often take for granted.

If you would like to join the choir or help with the Deaf Nepal Expedition fundraising, then contact the choir on their Facebook page.



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