‘Psychic’ pig’s Liverpool derby win prediction falls flat

thumbnail_Jurgen reading sports pages
Jurgen Kloppig reading the sports page © Freshfields Animal Rescue

A ‘psychic’ pig living on Merseyside is looking a bit red-faced this morning, after he failed to predict the 1-1 outcome of Sunday’s Merseyside derby clash.

Quite how the pig in question, named Jurgen Kloppig, came to be wandering around the streets of Anfield remain a mystery to those at Freshfields Animal Rescue, near Crosby, where he now lives and his special psychic abilities have been brought into doubt.

John Rullo, Fundraising Manager at Freshfields, said: “Jurgen was quite upset after the match, he thought there was only one team in it and those were the vibes he was getting before the kick off.

“Perhaps in the cup, when he gets it right, people will see that he is a psychic pig after all.”

The prediction process involves putting some of the swine’s favourite foods inside blue, red and white boxes, to represent an Everton victory, a Liverpool win, or a draw respectively.

Quite simply, whatever box he eats from is his chosen outcome!

The rescued pig has made these ‘psychic’ predictions ahead of the last two Merseyside derby clashes, and has failed to get his hat-trick by guessing that Liverpool would continue with their back-to-back wins for a third year.

John added: “He did have a bit of controversy before the prediction, with our chickens getting in his way of his psychic powers.”

“He had a good sniff around all the boxes but went with Liverpool in the end. In a way, he knew they both had a good chance of scoring then.”

With threats to retire from psychic pig activity, only time will tell if Jurgen will make his predictions for the next derby clash.

YouTube: Andrew Nuttall

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