Read all about it! Garston pupils join in mass reading event

Liverpool school children have dropped what they’re doing this week to show how much they enjoy reading.

Pupils at Garston C of E School stopped their lessons on Friday afternoon (this afternoon) for a mass reading as part of the city-wide Liverpool Readathon.

Lead English teacher, Sarah Keiley said: “The kids have all really enjoyed doing something new like this. Staff have been really good at helping to include this focus on reading into their already busy lessons.”

The children took part in a variety of fun activities focused on reading and writing such as Harry Potter-themed phonetic potion making, visiting the local library and a few guests too.

Visitors to the school included local author Jude Lennon and children’s poet Craig Bradley.

Younger pupils looked at the popular book series ‘The Gruffalo’ with a set of exciting activities planned, such as role playing the story and creative writing to promote reading as a fun thing to do, even out of school!

Mrs Keiley added: “This is the first time that we have took part in the Liverpool Readathon event and I’m sure the kids are looking forward to the next one already.

“It’s been a great way to push the kids to be reading more at home, it really is a wonderful feeling when a child comes into class and tells me all about what they read last night.”

The event culminated on Friday afternoon with every class meeting in the school assembly hall for a massive group reading session for 20 minutes.

Jennifer Holder, the Reading Coordinator for Liverpool Learning Partnership, said: “It has been brilliant to come along to the school this afternoon to see what Garston C of E have been doing.

“They have really embraced the event and it’s great to see all the kids, and even the staff getting stuck into a good book!”


Check out a few photos that were taken during the week © Twitter: Garston C of E

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